About Us

At Amour Reworked, we up-cycle vintage luxury items into stylish reworked jewellery. Our carefully examined genuine pieces combine sustainability and style, creating unique accessories for the fashion-conscious and eco-friendly.

Why Choose Amour Reworked


By purchasing from Amour Reworked, you actively contribute to the concept of a circular economy. This means extending the lifespan of clothing items, reducing waste, and promoting a more sustainable and resource-efficient fashion industry.

Why Choose Amour Reworked

Unique and stylish designs

Amour Reworked specializes in reworking and upcycling pre-existing pieces into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. By choosing our products, you can enjoy fashion that stands out from mass-produced items and expresses your individual style.

Why Choose Amour Reworked

Authenticity and Affordability

Counterfeit products pose risks such as poor quality, potential health hazards, and supporting illegal activities. By choosing Amour Reworked, you can enjoy unique jewellery items that are legally produced and ethically sourced at more affordable price.

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